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Sales & Marketing - Growth Hacking - Finance - Product Management - Legal - & more. 
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Vetted Experts

We match founders with talented Experts that have extensive experience relevant to the challenge you're facing. Experts in our network have a tried and tested track record of excellence are are continuously peer reviewed. 



Knowledge sans frontiere

Access a global talent pool. The best expert for your problem might live the on the other side of the world. Geographical borders shouldn't stand in the way of founders receiving the knowledge they need. 


Aligned Incentives  

The experts we connect you with earn carry in our portfolio. They think long-term and earn money when you do. This alignment of incentives means you can trust their advice a lot more than cash based advisory services. 


Common Questions


Who can access our network of experts? 

Only founders that are portfolio companies of Prediction Capital are able to access our network of experts. We have this restriction in place because all experts are provided with carry in our portfolio to align interests. 

Can I pick which experts i work with? 

Absolutely. We want to ensure there is a strong cultural and team fit with the experts you work, beyond their technical capabilities. Founders get to hand pick which experts they want to work with. 

Can I hire experts as full-time team members?

You are free to make offers to our experts to join your team full-time. 

How are experts paid? 

Prediction Capital earns equity in portfolio companies, just like team members. It's also subject to vesting provisions just like team members. We share this equity with experts that support your startup, based on their relative contributions to your startup. 

How frequently can I use this service? 

Ultimately, this is between you and the expert. There is no limit to the number of experts you can engage with. That said, the more frequently you engage with experts, the more it will cost in terms of fees and equity. 

Is support available to my whole team, or just the founders? 

The expert network is available to be used by founders and their C-suite team members. 


What can we help you with today? (For Prediction Capital portfolio companies only)


How we've helped founders

Read what some of our founders say

Prediction helped identify John Graham, an expert in building sales funnels having worked at Salesforce most of his career. We tripled our number of qualified leads within a few weeks of working with John. 

We were so impressed with one of the experts that the Prediction team introduced us to that we made him an offer to join our exec board. Prediction's expert advisor network really sets it apart from other VCs.