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We back audacious founders with bold ideas.

Get the capital and support you need to scale your startup.  Our innovative Venture-as-a-service (VaaS) model means you only pay when you get the results you want. 

All the founders we back also become partners in our Evergreen fund, sharing in the success of each other's businesses. 
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Are you an investor? We charge 0% carry and 0% management fees. 
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Introducing VaaS

We have pioneered a new type of venture model called VaaS, short for "venture-as-a-service".

We believe it could yield superior results for both founders and investors, from better alignment of interests and rewards.


When we back a startup, the founders are invited to join our colony. After all, founders are best placed to help other founders, not VCs. 


We think investors should be accountable to founders just as much as founders should be accountable to investors. Founders pay based on results. 


Members of our colony which includes founders, venture scouts and other VCs share in the Colony profits based on their relative contributions and influence. 



Common Questions

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What types of startups do we invest in? 

We currently back pre Series B startups located in the United States or Europe. The diversity of our Colony members means that we're able to work with startups across most industries and business models. 

How much does it cost? 

We see ourselves as part of the startup team and get paid in cash, equity or both for completing various tasks that support the support to raise capital and scale. Startups must agree to pay a % of the funds raised as well as equity in their startup to the Colony, which they are also part of. 

Why should I use this service? 

Most of our colony members are made up of founders just like you, some of which are much further along and also invest. All our colony members are compensated based on how well they support the startups in the network. In short, you get a much larger network that is more financially aligned with your success. 

How can I join your Colony? 

Access to the Colony is by application only. The easiest way to join is to get a referral from an existing Colony member. If you're the founder of a startup that we invest in, you will also by default be invited to join the Colony. 

What's the best way to reach you?

It's always best to reach out to us through a mutual connection but if you don't have one, you can also reach out here


What kind of tasks can I do as a Colony member?  

Tasks are distributed to colony members based on their skill sets, reputation and permissions. The types of tasks include everything you might expect from a VC including reviewing pitch decks, interviewing founders, attending board meetings, writing blog posts to name a few. 

How are distributions made? 

Whenever there is a liquidity event, such as when a portfolio company is sold or some other revenue generating activity occurs, distributions are made to Colony members according to the reputation they hold within the Colony.  

How is reputation measured?   

When members complete tasks in the Colony, they also earn an equivalent amount of reputation points. Reputation is not transferable between accounts, and slowly decays over time. This decay ensures that any reputation a member has is as a result of recent behaviour deemed beneficial to the colony.

Is PredictionVC Open source?  

We believe that the most successful organisations of the future will be open. And venture capital is no exception. Our colony is an open-source, community-owned, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocol for connecting capital with talent and scaling startups. 


What are you working on and why is it important?